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. >> catherine: hundreds of people marched through santa rosa today. saying they want justice for andy lopez. two rallies merged into one on the campus of santa rosa junior college. then the group marched across town to the headquarters of the sonoma county sheriff's department. >> reporter: a very emotional night at santa rosa. we're talking about hundreds of people march showed up at the church for in the lopez and they'd just wrapped up in the last half an hour. you can see in this video shot the casket of and the lopez holding his body. his family surrounding the casket. people are entering the church and coming out of the church this evening. they are saying their goodbyes to the 13 year-old who was shot by the deputy last week. emotions here ran high. >> (crying) as a mother and i would hope that things would change in the community i will i really feel sorry for his mother. >> when i saw him come out of the car is heartbreaking you know? i had to lead it was very hard to justin and there. had to leave. the poor >> reporter: 10 live in santa rosa j.r. stone kron 4 news. >> catherine: protes
in downtown santa rosa. new information about deputy would shot lopez: 48-year-old erick gelhaus is a 24-year veteran of the department, a firearms instructor who has written articles for law enforcement on the use of deadly force. >> it is maddening. they used excessive force. >> we can never take back what happened. we can express our sympathy and our sorrow to the lopez family and the community. >> lopez was carrying a realistic-looking assault rifle that shoots pellet that closely resembled an ak-47. deputies stopped him and ordered him to drop it and opened fire hitting him seven times killing him. officials are saying leave all toy weapons like this one at home. yesterday, the sheriff told abc7 news that he did not believe ratism was involved saying that the sheriff has done much in the past three years to build bridges specifically with the latino community. >> new details this morning on the deadly crash that least a peninsula couple dead. the driver accused of hitting them is expected in court and we are learning new information of the dog that was severely injured in the accident. m
se dieron cita hoy en santa rosa para darle el ultimo adios al joven de 13 aÑos que muri a manos de la policia de santa rosa pitch - cesar --- jaime peluffo, estuvo presente en la iglesia donde se realizaron los servicios funebres para el menor "andy lopez" take 2 box y desde alli nos tiene mas informacion sobre lo vivido, adelante jaime. 0:01 0:07 0:21 0:31 0:36 0:48 1:10 1:30 cesar ---las calles de la ciudad de santa rosa se volvieron a llenar de manifestantes exigiendo justicia para el menor... blanca ---cientos, quizas miles de jovenes y activistas comunitarios... take vo ...protestaron para que se resuelva la muerte de "andy lopez" a manos de un agente del alguacil. ---los manifestantes marcharon desde varios puntos para llegar al centro de la ciudad. --- pilar niÑo nos cuenta mas.. take pkg ;01 ;19 ;42 1;24 1;45 2;03 blanca ---la policia de campbell pide la ayuda del publico para dar con el paradero de 4 sospechosos, 3 hombres y una mujer. take vo ---la noche del sabado, uno de los sujetos que ve en pantalla abri fuego contra un empleado del centro nocturno llamado "the spot"
---hola que tal.. buenas noches.. ---la muerte de un joven a manos de la policia en santa rosa continua causando polemica. ---hoy, cientos de manifestantes tomaron las calles una vez mas, para exigir que el policia que le dispar al menor, sea enjuiciado. take 2 box ---angel ayllon, desde santa rosa nos tiene mas detalles, adelante angel. vo-blanca --- en solo 8 dias la vo-blanca --- en solo 8 dias la comunidad hispana de santa rosa, ya realiz ms de una docena de marchas multitudinarias exigiendo justicia por la muerte de andy lopez. vo-blanca ---y crece de forma alarmante el robo de autos en san francisco. ---le decimos qu zonas son las preferidas por los ladrones para realizar sus fechoras. blanca ---lo esperamos en blanca ---las autoridades de alameda revelaron mas detalles... roll open under ....sobre un grupo de personas de la tercera edad, que fue abandonado en un asilo de castro valley. take vo ---durante el fin de semana, las 14 personas fueron trasladadas a otras instalaciones luego de haber sido dejadas al cuidado de 3 trabajadores por un periodo de 2 dias. ---el resto
13 aÑos en santa rosa. pitch - blanca ---el oficial que le dispar a "andy lopez" es un experimentado alguacil e instructor. ---pilar nino hablo con representantes del consulado de mexico quienes estan asistiendo a la familia... take pkg 00:01 00:21 00:58 01:36 pkg hoy tambien por primera vez hablo uno de los abogados que esta ayudando a la familia y esto fue lo que nos dijo 22:48 andy lopez fue impacatado por siete balas, en el pecho, la cadera,los gluteos, el antebrazo y su muneca.... hoy se supo que el oficial que le disparo es un experimentado alguacil, instructor en armas.....su nombre, eric gelhaus...el es un veterano de la guerra de irak, que lleva 24 anos con el departamento del sheriff de sonoma, donde ademas tambien es instructor... 3:51 el es un instructor de armas, tiene 19 anos de instructor de armas y tambien es un entrenador de oficiales por patrullas 3:58 gelhaus junto a un companero, vieron a andy caminando armado con una replica de un rifle ak-47 la semana pasada en santa rosa......segun las autoridades,l e ordenaron tirarlo, pero el joven que estaba de espalda, empe
below normal in spots. 63 degrees in concord. 59 degrees in san francisco, and 63 degrees in santa rosa says the great elizabeth. >>> yes, i know. the great winger. have the same ring to it. yeah. all right. let's go out live towards the golden gate bridge. got some flashing lights going on right now, and doing those lane changes. those are the crews out there right now. they're opening four in the southbound commute direction, two in the northbound. anyway, there's no delay in either direction right now. everything is free and clear from novato all the way down towards san francisco. and if your commute is in the south bay toward san jose, 64, 65, 63 miles per hour. 101 parkway and 280 all cleeshgs and your most popular drive time around this morning, westbound 580 not backed up yet through tracy. 880 looks good in oakland, and there's a live look east shore freeway. westbound 80. a nice and light 19 minutes so that is looking good all the way down through berkeley. now, transit bart so far system wide on time. caltrain also got a great start so far out of the central valley. that's yo
rosa at 68, and concord and fremont are the biggest jump at 69 and 66 and four degrees warmer. we are going to lose two minutes of sunshine. we will have mid-to-upper 60's throughout the santa clara valley with the warm spot probably in gilroy right around 69 the close of the places to 70. mid-to-upper 60's on the peninsula and redwood city at 68. we will be stuck in the upper 50's loan the coast until you get to sunset at 60. mid-60's through downtown and south san francisco and sausalito and mid-to-upper 60's law the north bay valley and upper 50's along the coast and along the east bay shore mid-to-upper 60's for you. pretty much the same thing as you head into the east bay valley and fairly is possibly 70 with a high cloud or two moving through the sky in the afternoon but it will be brighter than yesterday. 30's in the inland and the rest of us are in the mid-40's to upper 40's. two to four degrees warmer tomorrow and same on wednesday, and more high clouds on wednesday, and possibly a few low clouds as the wind shifts on thursday with high clouds again and notice the tempera
spying on them. >> 14 degrees cooler in santa rosa than yesterday and five in livermore and six in san jose. a lot cooler. to the north we are down to 33 degrees in santa rosa and a possibility of frost in outlying areas. napa is 48 and petaluma is 42 and novato is 43. richmond district is 44 and lafayette at 46 in redwood city and 39 in santa -- san ramon. warmer weather is on the way at 1- to 4-degrees warmer. today is warmer, same for tomorrow, with the heat peaking on wednesday. then we have a cooling trend and showers in the seven-day outlook. leyla gulen has been busy. >> and getting more so. in the east bay, traveling away from hercules, we have this accident westbound 80 at willow avenue, but check out the traffic coming away from highway 4, a busy commute at 39 miles per hour for a top speed. then you are back on the breaks continued into richmond. southbound 880, we had an early accident involving a big rig, a bumper flew roof and hit soot car and everything has been cleared to the shoulder but we have the damage. the approach to the nimitz is slow. 580, tracy to dublin, we a
on to texas. >>> a santa rosa teenager shot to death by a sheriff's deputy, the family is filing a lawsuit. the lawyer representing the family of andy lopez says the suit will be filed in san francisco today. lopez was killed 10 days ago as he walked in southwest santa rosa. he was carrying a plastic pellet gun that closely resembled an ak-47. >>> the parents of a stillborn baby suing a daly city hospital now for losing the child's body. julio and rina arriaza say seton medical center lost the remains back in october of last year. worker at a santa cruz laundry facility found the baby's body on a conveyor belt heading towards an industrial size the washing machine. >> we can't comment beyond acknowledging the fact that this is pending litigation. but our hearts certainly go out to this family and everyone here is praying for their comfort and consolation. >> the laundry facility washes linens for the hospital. it's not clear at this point how much money the couple's attorney is seeking from the hospital. >>> today is the day bart workers decide whether to accept new contracts. members of t
personal dedicado a investigar la muerte de andy lopez. ---segun el diario "santa rosa press democrat", la agencia federal no realizara una investigacion independiente y completa... y solo se limitara a ofrecer apoyo a la policia local. vo ---y precisamente ese mismo diario informa que el agente que le disparo a lopez ha estado emocionalmente alterado desde el incidente. ---la abogada del policia asegura que la muerte del menor le ha impactado y que le preocupa el efecto que esto tendra en la familia de andy. vo ---pero ahora, surgio un conductor del condado de sonoma quien cuestiona la estabilidad emocional del agente gelhaus. ---segun "jeff west-brook" el policia lo detuvo en una parada de transito, y en 2 ocasiones el agente empuÑo su rifle. ---el incidente ocurrio supuestamente hace un mes pero la oficina del alguacil no hizo comentarios al respecto mientras se realiza la investigacion a su empleado. blanca ---esta maÑana un carro envuelto en llamas causa el cierre del tunel "caldecott' sobre la autopista 24 en direccion este. take vo ---8 personas tuvieron que ser hospitalizadas par
. coming up in weather, we will talk about how cold we will get. >> thank you paul. >>> santa rosa is preparing for that is expect today be the largest protest yet following the killing of a 13-year-old boy by a sheriff's deputy. joe vasquez has more. joe? >> reporter: liz, right now in the moment, he is known as the deputy who shot down a 13-year- old boy here on the sidewalk, but there is more to his career, he is a long time member of the sheriff's department. 24 years, a military veteran and he recently won a medal of valor. as sonoma county prepared for this, andy lopez pointed a toy gun at gailhouse. he feels terrible. >> it is a horrible tragedy for all involved. >> reporter: but here at the neighborhood memorial where people have gathered for six night ins a row, there is no sympathy for the deputy. >> what do you feel toward the deputy? >> i'm mad. i'm just, it sucks to lose one of my friends. >> reporter: the deputy has been a prolific contributor to gun websites. a veteran of the war in iraq, he was commissioned to write an article in swat magazine in 2008, describing t
in july after a woman in santa rosa called police because a man tried to break into her apartment. police arrested him at the scene. he was wearing just his socks and underwear. he is scheduled to be arraigned tomorrow. >>> meanwhile a san jose dad is in big trouble. 29-year-old julio reyes first told milpitas police his car and his 10-year-old daughter and 8-year-old son were missing. once they questioned him, he admitted to ditching the car and going to a friend's house leaving the two children alone for 14 hours. >> the children were very cold, tired, very hungry, so the officers took them into protective custody and brought them here to the police station. >> the kids are okay. it is unclear why reyes left his children in the car. >>> new tonight california could lose billions in federal money if it stops administering state standardized tests. the san jose "mercury news" reports the u.s. department of education may withhold more than $3.5 billion in federal aid. that's if the state decides to ditch star testing for a new computerized test and not publish the results. the department o
agente del alguacil en santa rosa.. take vo ---de acuerdo al teniente paul henry, el agente erick gelhaus no recuerda con certeza si se identifico al momento de ordenarle al adolescente que soltara la pistola de juguete a-47... ---henry afirma que un testigo escucho al agente ordenarle en dos ocasiones al menor tirar el juguete cuando este caminaba sobre la avenida moorland antes de dispararle siete veces.... blanca ---un padre de 2 hijos ha sido detenido por presuntament e haber dejado a su hijo e hija menores de edad, dentro de un auto por mas de 15 horas en milpitas. take vo ---ayer, alrededor del mediodia, un vecino de la calle "north hillview" de esa ciudad, llam a la policia para reportar que los menores de 10 y 8 aÑos de edad habian estado en el auto desde las 10 de la noche anterior. ---la policia se llevo a los menores e incauto el auto, y ayer por la noche "julio reyes" reporto a sus hijos y auto perdidos. ---al llegar a la comisaria, "reyes" fue detenido y acusado por poner en riesgo a los menores. cesar ---un empleado del distrito escolar de san mateo que trabaja en una guard
" a manos de un agente del alguacil en santa rosa. take vo ---de acuerdo al teniente "paul henry", el agente "eric gel-haus" no recuerda con certeza si se identifico al momento de ordenarle al adolescente que soltara la pistola de juguete. ---henry afirma que un testigo escucho al agente ordenarle en 2 ocasiones al menor tirar el juguete cuando ste caminaba sobre la avenida "moor-land" antes de dispararle 7 veces. take vo ---una familia brasileÑa pide la ayuda del publico para encontrar a "paulo netto" de 23 aÑos de edad quien no ha sido localizado desde el lunes pasado ---la familia del joven viaj a san francisco desde su pas natal para buscarlo ---segn la hermana de "netto", ella recibi una llamada de l diciendole que alguien estaba persiguiendol o y que tena miedo ---si usted conoce su paradero, comuniquese con la policia de san francisco. blanca ---un vecindario del ste de la bahia se vio aterrorizado por 2 feroces perros. take vo ---un hombre caminaba a sus 2 mascotas cuando repentinamente otros 2 animales, lo atacaron. ---mayra tostado nos cuenta mas. take pkg pkg las calles de este
of the door. santa rosa just a degree above freezing right now. the very cold north of the golden gate bridge temperatures milder along the golden gate bridge. satellite and radar shows the clear skies. we don't have any areas ofht now. really don't have an active weather. temperatures will soar over the next couple of days before today futurecast predicts temperatures cooler the where we should be for this time of the air assault expect 60s for most of the bay area by lunch time '70s will start to feel when as we advance into your afternoon highs. it will be a little warmer along the delta for those of you in the north bay where we're actually expecting '70s and by later on tonight of a clear condition stick around temperatures will drop down to the upper 50s low 60s. specifically less take a look at the afternoon highs for you today. mountain view 56. could squeeze out potentially low seventies for fairfield and danville. pleasanton with high of 70. mainly sunny skies downtown san francisco at 68. a degree warmer through the bottle. we have this time of your temperatures are necessarily war
ca.com or call 800-675-2607. >> good morning. still pretty cool up north. 39 in santa rosa. everybody ecological in the 40s. oakland 52. san francisco 53. san carlos 50. beautiful picture of the marine headlands. seeing shadows from the early morning sun. check out the temperatures this >>> what could be better than watching "gma" in the morning this november? how about us giving you a brand-new car? get ready, america, for the greatest giveaway in "gma" history. and it sounds a little like this -- we're giving away three cars in three days. all you have to do for a chance to win is watch "gma" and enter. and we could be pulling up to your home in a brand-new mazda. there will be three winners, we promise. why don't you watch "good morning america's" great car giveaway, brought to you by mazda. >> we bid you a good morning. friday morning, to be specific, america. and, yes. as we deejay friday our way in. thank you, d.j. prostyle." take a look. there he is. and those are the cars parked outside our studio. we just saw that video. november, a huge month here for the program because we are launchi
, and believe it or not, they also are seeing a lot of educated college educated people. carol? >> rosa flores reporting live for us this morning. >>> still to come in "cnn newsroom," remember this, the last u.s. bat troops to leave iraq? today there are new calls from iraq for a return to the u.s. military. they need help. we'll tell you more, next. the secret is out. hydration is in. [ female announcer ] only aveeno daily moisturizing lotion has an active naturals oat formula that creates a moisture reserve so skin can replenish itself. aveeno® naturally beautiful results. aveeno® help the gulf when we made recover and learn the gulf, bp from what happened so we could be a better, safer energy company. i can tell you - safety is at the heart of everything we do. we've added cutting-edge technology, like a new deepwater well cap and a state-of-the-art monitoring center, where experts watch over all drilling activity twenty-four-seven. and we're sharing what we've learned, so we can all produce energy more safely. our commitment has never been stronger. they're not usually this thin, this li
30s around santa rosa, napa, concord, san ramon. san francisco, 48 degrees. today, temperatures will be warmer than yesterday. all the sunshine this morning. that's going to push us one to four degrees warmer than yesterday. a lot of mid to upper 60s. accuweather seven-day forecast, about two to seven degrees warmer. and notice high clouds as we transition to cooler weathe when ouwe goword. she said hert (little girl) no! saw her first day of school. (little girl) bye bye! made a best friend forever. the back seat of my subaru is where she grew what? (announcer) the subaru forester. (girl) what? (announcer) motor trend's two thousand fourteen sport utility of the year. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. ♪ ♪ i'm sorry and i love you >>> a little blues from lady gaga at the youtube music awards last night. they were the first ever. and it was kind of a ground-breaking performance last night. a lot of craziness going on. millions of people voted. the entire show streaming online. we'll bring you all of the memorable moments in just a little bit. that was one of them righ
Search Results 0 to 20 of about 21 (some duplicates have been removed)